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Welcome To Chrissy's Kitchen!

One of my Favorite Recipe's is the recipe for living life!

A little know how, A lot of love, and
good food make for a happy soul!

Lets start by saying that I believe food is a means of communication, a form of showing affection, and with the guidance of a recipe at your finger tips you can be making your family and friends chomp at the bit to be invited over for a mere sample of your cooking!

 Not to mention get VIP invites to BBQ's, Events, Parties, and Potlucks. Now days it's not just women in the kitchen. It is a new generation and men are cooking more now then ever before in history!

That being said in today's society and the cost of living at an all time high it takes more than one income just to survive. If its not a spouse, its a room-mate or family member we share our home with. If your not one of those and you live alone than I guess enjoying cooking for yourself or the occasional guest with minimal effort and outstanding outcomes!

I have very elaborate recipe's and quick easy knock your socks off recipe's that leave you scratching your head, "how did I do that in under 30 minutes?"

My family and genetics have a long line of chefs on both sides of my family tree. One you follow my blog and learn simple but easy techniques for the kitchen you will be amazed at your own creations.

For example .... if your like my husband who just throws stuff in a pan and prays it comes out eatable.. don't make your loved one's or even yourself suffer the petri dish of trying an invention that falls short, or actually having it come out great and never being able to reproduce it!

  I will teach you what spices go with what meats or sauces.  I will have some vegetarian and vegan recipe's as well. so follow me into my kitchen!

Looking for a quick recipe with the ingredients in your kitchen right now? Since this is a new blog here is a great site for a quick search of recipes by ingredients!


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