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Chrissy's Fruity Sangria Party Punch

Justine I am posting this for you. You asked for a recipe with chunks of fruit and I know how you love wine so here you go buddy! LMBO!!

I know this isn't what you had in mind, but never the less I am posting this. 


1 large jug 4.00 L of Carlo Rassi Sangria (pic below)
1 2 L of lemon-lime flavored soda (I use Sierra Mist or Fresca) 
3 granny smith apples cubed
1 can mandarin oranges (juice and all)
2 cups sliced strawberries
1 can pineapple chunks (juice drained)
2 cubed pears (optional)

*NOTE* You can use any brand of sangria I just like this one, it has a fruity taste and blends well. 


Pour Sangria in a large punch or serving bowl, then add all of the fruit. I prefer to let stand 2 hours for the fruit to marry all their flavors. 

You can serve it from the bowl with a ladle or serve it in a pitcher. 

Be careful eating the fruit from your glass, it absorbs the alcohol and will make you tipsy! 


Thank you for joining me in my kitchen!