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Organization Crazy

My Kitchen Organization Obsession

This post is for my beautiful mom Paula. She asked me to post this, so here you go mom! 

Yes Chrissy has an obsession with the things in my life like my purse, closet, freezer, refrigerator, drawers, cabinets, and pantry being perfectly organized. Guess this could be from me living 5 years on an Air Craft Carrier when I was in the Navy and having restricted space. But my mom says I was that way from a baby. If she moved something I would notice and stare at it like "That don't belong there." So I guess I was born this way! 

I hate looking for things, and I can't stand opening up a drawer or cabinet and not being able to see everything or find what I need.  

I like to open things, and know right where things are and how much. It helps me to create an accurate grocery list and saves me money for one. Secondly if I am cooking something I don't want to be searching through something in my kitchen while my food is unattended. That how Oops happen also causing money if you ruin your food! 

I am posting this post, since today I had a conversation with my mom and she could NOT believe my pantry looked like this. Well It functions and is effective for me, I can snatch and grab from anywhere in my kitchen knowing right where everything is. However the obsession doesn't stop with my pantry! 

Tips to my madness:

One of my main focuses in my kitchen is my food pantry, I store a lot of my food in air tight storage containers to keep it fresh longer and pest free. It is a known fact that weavels those little black bugs you can get in grain foods and cereal, can hatch and breed in your pantry because the eggs are in the glue that holds the box top and bottom shut. This being said if some of these little guys hatch in my pantry and go through my pantry I would have to throw almost everything in my pantry except cans away costing me more money to replace it! No Thanks! We work too hard for it to just toss it in the garbage! 

It pays to take the extra time to put your grain and cereal items in air tight containers. 

Next I label everything as not to mistake pancake mix for flower or salt for sugar lol! Eeww! Being able to glance into your pantry or freezer with just a quick glance, and know what you need to put on your grocery list while also meal planing your week to work financially for you. 

Another function that helps is practice, "everything has a place." For example my garage stand up freezer... Top shelf is frozen veggies, and frozen pizza, tatter tots and french fries... That kind of stuff. The next shelf down is poultry & fish, the next is beef, and the next pork, the door is butter, hot dogs, burger and sausage and the drawer is flour sugar and bread. My in house freezer hold ice cream, pop cycles, a stress pearl eye mask, our blue ice packs for our lunch boxes, my freezer jams, and individual containers of frozen food leftovers for a quick lunch packing etc. 

My spice cabinet has all my spices organized by type, and all labels forward. So if I want baking spices they are top shelf to the left, if I want Italian spices its bottom right, Bbq seasoning its bottom center. I have a spice chart taped inside my spice cabinet to help me quick reference what spices go with what types of foods and/or ethnic style if I need to look. I pretty much know but sometimes like when making Indian food or Thai food something I don't cook a lot of I double check. 

Utensils all have a place, knives their own drawer or block, large pots and cooking electronics have their own cabinet. Everything in it's place. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to cook and not being able to find the tools you need to perform the task.  

All of these things only take a few moments to do, but make a world of difference in the kitchen when your cooking, planning, preparing, or making your grocery list. 

Save money and time. It pays in the long run! 

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