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Tater-Tot Meals

Well I had to see what all the rave is about on the social media food videos everyone is sharing with these tot-chos. 

I used my slow cooker pork carnitas from my previous blog post, nacho cheese, my homemade garden fresh salsa, and a dollop of sour cream. 

I found that the tater tots still give a good crunch and stay crunchy longer unlike traditional tortilla chips. You do get fuller faster since tater tots are potato, so a smaller portion is recommended. 

The combinations are endless, what ever you like on your nacho's is what to pile on this foundation of tater tots. 

Not only that what about this combination, marinara sauce, mushrooms, fire roasted sweet peppers, and melted mozzarella cheese, like making a pizza on top of your tater tots! 

I have seen these golden delicious tots in breakfast burritos, pressed in waffle irons to make a unique and tasty crispy crunchy bread like waffle toast for making sandwiches, I've seen then battered and deep fried, i have seen them wrapped in bacon and cheese and baked, I have seen them in the bottom of casseroles and baked in all kinds of dishes. These really are the universal potato treats. 

What are a few ways you like your tater tots? 

Feel free to post your recipes here and share!
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