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Slow Cooker Grocery Store Seasoning Packet Review, Pot Roast, Stews, Etc.

Just in time for slow cooker season! I have tried 5 flavors of this brand and this review will tell you my personal opinion from my own personal experiences with Superior Touch Gourmet Seasoning Packets. 

For my first test I added a pork roast, along with some carrots, celery, garlic, potatoes, and mushrooms. I simply added this seasoning package to 2 cups of water in a glass measuring cup and whisked it smooth. Poured it over my roast, put the lid on my crock pot, set it for 6 hours, and walked away. 

When it was time for dinner I simply opened the crock-pot and was very surprised.  The smell was savory, the smell wafted through the whole house with the amazing aroma. My family sat down and enjoyed the roast beyond belief. To the point everyone had more than one bowl! 

I was so impressed my next trip to the grocery store I picked up more pork flavor, a couple beef, and chicken seasoning packet from this same brand. 

A few nights later I threw some boneless skinless chicken breasts in my slow cooker along with some mushrooms, a bag of frozen vegetables, garlic, and again whisked this seasoning packet into not water this time but a beer, and whisked it smooth.  Poured it over top, put the lid on, set it for 6 hours, and walked away! 

As I walked through the door later that day my daughter said to me, "MOM! What is that smell, can we eat it now?" I giggled and went into the kitchen threw together some biscuits, and checked the slow cooker. I was amazed at the delectable outcome once again. I am the type of person that loves scratch made everything, and I tend to stay away from seasoning packets and season everything myself.  But after trying this brand of seasoning I wondered to myself, why not?

A week later I took some beef cubes and added the "beef' version of this seasoning, along with some carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, chopped onion, garlic, parsley, a can of cut green beans, and celery. Whisked this seasoning packet in a glass measuring cup with 1 1/2 cups water & 1/2 cup red wine, whisked it smooth. Poured it over top, set it for 4 hours on high, & walked away. 

You guessed it, I couldn't wait to get home and check it out. I got home, peeked inside and couldn't wait until dinner. As I served up dinner my husband asked me what my secret was, it was so amazing. I giggled and quickly went into the kitchen to fetch one of the packets. 

I showed this to my husband and he looked shocked, since as I said I am not a seasoning package type person. 

I even did this in the oven in a roasting pan with a roast to see if it would work and all I can say is, "I am sold."

So my overall review, is with this seasoning package you can follow the directions on the back of the envelope and it is just so surprisingly amazing. 

You can also get creative and whisk it with beer or wine, and it still just does not let you down. 

It is very affordable, and for a busy parent that wants a good healthy meal, this is the way to go! 

The ingredients you add are completely your choice and the options are endless. No more fumbling or guessing about what seasoning to use! 

You can find this in your local grocery store or online. I highly recommend this product to anyone using a slow cooker or making a roast in the oven! 

 My next meal I will be trying their Slow cooker BBQ seasoning. I will let you know how it goes! 

For this Kitchen product I give a full FIVE STAR review, and would recommend this to everyone. 

Thank you for reading! 

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Until next time, thanks for following me into my kitchen! 


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