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Chrissy's Homemade 4 Ingredient Almond Roca

I absolutely love Almond Roca. It is one of my personal favorite treats to make for the holidays.  It is pretty simple, and always manages to be a huge hit among my family. There are so many ways to make this, such as doing it with white chocolate chips, or dark chocolate for those dark chocolate lovers! 

I like to start by toasting my almonds to give them a better flavor. This is simple, just spread them on a cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees for about 8 minutes. When they look slightly golden brown, they are ready! 

I use a silicone baking sheet and place it over my cookie sheet. I then sprinkle about half of my toasted almonds over the sheet. 


2 cups toasted almonds
2 cups of light brown sugar
2 cups of cream sweet butter
3 cups of milk chocolate chips


Sprinkle 1 cup toasted almonds on an 8x13 baking sheet lightly sprayed with non stick cooking spay. 

Next add sugar and butter in a large sauce pan on medium heat, once the butter and the sugar are melted, turn heat up a tiny bit and stir continuously to keep from burning. Bring to a rapid boil and you will notice it looks bubbly and almost frothy. Using a candy thermometer bring up to 302 degrees and remove from heat. Be very careful not to get any on your skin it causes a very serious burn! 

If you do not have a candy thermometer once it starts rapidly boiling watch the top to have a shimmer and an almost glossy appearance. The bubbles will start to look cracked. Do not burn your toffee by cooking it too high too fast. A good way to check is by using a butter knife to drop a small drop from your pan into a cup of cold water, if the ball you drop into the water gets hard immediately remove your toffee from the heat. 

Pour your toffee over your toasted almonds on your baking sheet. set the timer for 5 minutes, return and sprinkle your chocolate chips on top of your toffee. Wait a few minutes for the chocolate chips to melt from the toffee's heat. Then gently spread your chocolate around using a silicone spatula. Once your chocolate is spread, sprinkle your remaining toasted almonds over the chocolate. 

Place in a fridge for at least an hour, then flip over between plastic wrap or parchment paper, then crack it into chunks and store! I use my rolling pin to crack my Almond Roca, but I have seen people use a large knife. Yields about 2 pounds of candy. :)

Hope you enjoy and have a great experience! 


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