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Chrissy's Cheesy Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadilla's

With football playoffs, or game days these Quesadilla's are one of those super easy foods anyone can make with a plethora of ways and ingredients! It is so versatile they are eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks. 

In the morning I make them with chopped bacon, eggs, hash-browns, and melted cheese. Add a little sour cream or salsa and yummy to the tummy! 

Lunch is great with chicken or tuna, spinach, roasted Ortega chili's, and of coarse cheese. 

Dinner I love steak or chicken with roasted veggies, lots of cheese and chipolte sour cream dipping sauce.

I have made them with all the best cheeseburger fixings, like hamburger meat, pickles, onions, tomatoes, roasted peppers, and cheese, with a BBQ dipping sauce. 

A fun get together dish that anyone can make. You can make them on the grill, on the stove top, or in a quesadilla maker. 

I recently found quesadilla makers at a large known store chain for under $20.00. So I bought two of them and on game day set out for our guests: taco meat, chopped chicken, grilled veggies, Ortega Chili's, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, hot sauce, jalapeno's, and of coarse Mexican blend CHEESE! Everyone chose there own ingredients and we cooked them in the quesadilla makers, then cut them into slices with a pizza cutter. 

It was a hit! Everyone loved the easy finger food, and left after the game with happy tummy's. 

This recipe is my bacon ranch chicken quesadilla's! 

Hope you enjoy and if you do please don't forget to follow me! 

Makes 4 quesadilla's


8 tortillas (vegetable or flour)
3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil (Or Unsalted Butter)
2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts or 12 oz of Beef
2 Tablespoons dry ranch dressing
1/2 Cup water
4 slices of cooked bacon crumbled
2 Cups of shredded taco blend cheese
1 chopped red sweet pepper
1 Cup chopped tomatoes
1 Cup sour cream (optional)


Chop your meat into 1" sized cubes, and add it with 1 Tablespoon of olive oil, and red peppers to a hot skillet on medium high heat. (feel free to add other ingredients like, zucchini, chopped hot peppers,  mushrooms, or onions at this point if you desire) 

Cook for roughly 3-4 minutes. Then whisk your dry ranch dressing & water together in a bowl or measuring cup, whisk until well mixed, pour over your pan ingredients then cover with a lid and lower the heat to medium low. Cook another 5-7 minutes until meat is fully cooked and peppers are somewhat soft. 

In a large bowl mix your pan ingredients with your chopped bacon, tomatoes, and cheese.

Lay 4 tortillas on a flat clean surface and spoon your filling onto tortillas leaving about 1 inch space around the edges, and cover when done with another one. Brush your remaining olive oil over the out side of your top tortilla and using a hot skillet, grill, or griddle,  place the oiled side down and brush olive oil to the new up side (brush both sides first if using a quesadilla maker), gently flip to crisp the outside  of the other side for a delicious crunchy treat! Make sure what ever method you use to cook your perfect quesadilla you check it often so it doesn't burn, and remove it once it is golden brown. 

If cooking it on a grill or in a pan cook time is roughly 1-2 minutes each side and always gently flip your quesadillas with a large spatula so your filling doesn't fall out when flipping it. 

Let your little beauties set for roughly 2 minutes before cutting with a large knife or pizza cutter so your cheese does not ooze out too much or burn your mouth. 

Mix some of your dry ranch dressing into your sour cream for an amazing dipping sauce! 


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