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Chrissy's Homemade in the Microwave BBQ Chicken Sliders! In Under 25 Minutes!

Perfect for game day, dinner,lunch, or any get together! Perfect for dorm rooms, or on the road hotel stayers. It is as simple as 1-2-3 and the best part is you set the microwave and walk away! It is so easy it will almost make you feel guilty! These tips and tricks to make these little tasty sliders in a hurry! 

The trick is to cook your thawed (meat) in this case chicken for 6 minutes per pound then let it stay and rest in the microwave half the cook time to let it continue to cook. most packaged meats tell you weight on the package, or you can use a kitchen scale. 

See a microwave cooks by friction of molecules, so when the microwave stops that does not mean the cooking has! LET IT SET! This is why most people have ended up with a wrinkled hot-dog or hard bread. 

 You will be so surprised how tender and juicy the chicken comes out! 

I use 2 lbs boneless chicken breasts in a microwave safe bowl cook 12 minutes and let it rest in the microwave with out opening the door for 6 minutes. I then check for clear juices to make sure it is completely cooked. 

If it is completely cooked using a hand mixer with beater blades (like for a cake mix)  turn on the mixer on med to high and shred the chicken in less than 1 minute. I then add my favorite BBQ sauce until it is evenly coated and as wet as i want it to be, then add 1 tablespoon of mustard, and garlic salt and pepper to taste. 

Feel free to add any condiments you want to these little amazing beauties! For example guacamole, jalapeno's, nacho cheese, or slices of tomato or pickles.  

Next I place my BBQ meat filling on my favorite store bought dinner sized rolls (toasting them in the oven with a light brush of olive oil for a few minutes helps them not get soggy) and add a slice of my favorite cheese or a spoonful of Queso wet cheese. (you can also click the magnifying glass at the top of the page and search for my Queso Dip recipe)

These are so easy it is sinful when guests keep telling you how amazing they are like you slaved over them sooooo long.. it's OK we know the truth. ;)

Leave me pics or comments about your thoughts or experiences with this recipe. Thanks for stopping by!