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Chrissy's Homemade Real Italian Meatballs taught to me by my Nunna

Real Italian Recipe passed on from generation to generation and now to you. Everyone should have a good old fashioned meatball recipe! 

These are so amazing it will ruin your pallet for other meatballs! Once you have tried these your expectations of meatballs will never be the same. 

Easy to make and so delicious. 

This is the recipe my Nunna who is from Southern Italy (Calabria) taught me as a child. Every time I have these they take me back to my childhood. 

If you want my sauce recipe too either search with the magnifine glass or here is the link. 


2 lbs ground lean beef
1 lbs Italian sausage (not links)
2 cups Italian style bread crumbs
1/4 cup fresh or dried Italian parsley
3 Tablespoons minced garlic
1/4 cup Italian seasoning
1 Cup shredded or graded Parmesan cheese
1/4 Cup Romano cheese shredded or graded 
1/4 Cup Mozzarella Cheese shredded 
3 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon Allspice
1/2 cup red wine (optional)
1/2 cup finely chopped mushrooms (optional) 


Start by putting your ground beef and Italian sausage in a large bowl. Mix it together kneading it with your hands. 

Next make a well in the center and add all of your other ingredients as you continue kneading your mixture until fully mixed and combined. 

Start hand rolling out your meatballs to your desired size. I like them to fill but roll evenly in the palm of my hand. Make sure to roll them in-between your two palms cupped while pressing together to get any air out and make them nicely shaped. Put them on a cookie sheet, a sheet of wax paper, another platter, or bowl until you are ready to fry them. 

Now heat up a deep wall skillet or frying pan on Medium- High heat with a drizzle of olive oil in it. 

Using tongs gently place your meatballs one by one in the skillet cooking roughly 2 minutes per side, browning them, and gently flipping them around to brown and crisp all the outside surface to seal in all of your moisture. Leave room to roll them and move them around do not over crowd your pan. Add one every time you pull one out. 

Remove them when they are crisp and brown around the outside, place them on a paper towel to drain any excess fat or grease. Do not let them sit for very long you need to get them into a sauce or gravy so they do not dry out. 

Once you add them to your sauce or gravy make sure it is enough to fully cover all of your meatballs and cook an additional 40 minutes to let them absorb the flavors and finish cooking on the inside. **NOTE** It is ok to put them in a slow-cooker, crock pot, or roaster after you have fried them. They will hold up and stay together. 

That is it! The part I think that makes the difference is frying them. It really does make these over the top delicious! 

Serve and Enjoy! 

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