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Chrissy's OH WOW Shish Kabobs Recipe!

Tips and tricks for Shish kabobs! The only secret to making them even better is marinade your veggies too! They will absorb the deliciousness and add more flavor to your whole dish not just the meat! Perfect for the grill!!  

Ingredients & Directions!

Any veggies you like I typically use a variety of zucchini, Squash, chopped fruit, and meat. 

For example I cut squash in sections, chop meat of choice into cubes, use whole mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, chunks of peppers, onion, and use super small potatoes, or they won't cook. Put Everything all in a large seal-able container or large Zip Lock Bag. Add your favorite marinade and a Tablespoon of Garlic. Set it in the fridge and marinade.

Let it set at least 1 hour for flavor. Pull out of the fridge Skewer them rotating meat and veggies. 

For teriyaki Chicken Skewers spay with Apple Juice or Pineapple Juice every 15 minutes. (Put it in a spray bottle) 

Sprinkle with Steak and burger seasoning, or Season Salt , Place on grill at medium heat (indirect heat preferably) flipping every 10-15 min. until cooked. 

Remove Serve and Enjoy! 

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